kate stonestreet

Collective Attention: Anarchic Action

Collective Attention: Anarchic Action is a gathering of 8 action-based performance artists. It is a culmination. A coming together. & a test of boundaries. Through weekly co-learning sessions the artists will share methodologies and strategies. It is a non-hierarchical environment where each artist can both teach and learn. The project seeks to explore what it means to perform together, now?

The ensemble collective includes: Benjamin Ivy, Jess Heritage, Vivian Chinasa Ezugha, Jasper Llewellyn, Monstera Deliciosa, selina bonelli, Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns and kate stonestreet. These 8 artists will trace the confines between their solo practices, interests will converge and influences collide. Threads will be drawn out and knotted together to form ensemble work...

In the warehouse space of Ugly Duck’s Garage, pockets of action will emerge, converge and dissipate. Over 4 hours, 8 artists will perform simultaneously. Each artists’ attention will wax and wane. There may be surges of activity; or images that evolve slowly. There will be moments of excitement and time for reflection. We will be together; acting alone.

CA:AA was initiated by Kate Stonestreet and Eleanor Dalzell Jenyns

Provocation postcard